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What Your 3-year-old Learns at Mes Amis Daycare & Preschool

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3-year-old Room Outcomes


Welcoming back your child, Mes Amis Daycare & Preschool continues to work with your 3-year-old on everything they learned from the previous year. We expand your child’s learning at their own pace, encouraging them to explore. By the end of the year, your child will be able to:

  • Continue working on everything from the previous year

  • Recognize numbers and alphabet in English and French

  • Recognize their names and begin to attempt to write their names

  • Understand three-part related directions and longer sentences

  • Say rhymes or sing children’s songs

  • Ask lots of questions

  • Correctly say the words: two, hat, do, mud, fun, off, key, cookie, go, hug

  • Use some word endings as running and jumped

  • Tell what is happening in a picture when you ask

  • Speak clearly enough to be understood most of the time

  • Go up and down stairs alternating feet

  • Stand on one foot for one to three seconds without support

  • Try to hop on one foot

  • Catch a large ball with outstretched arms

  • Snip paper with scissors

  • Draw a person with three or more body parts

  • Hold a crayon or pencil correctly

  • Undo buttons and zippers

  • Use the toilet/potty during the day

  • Take turns and share with other children in small group activities

  • Try to comfort someone who is upset

  • Play near and talk to other children while continuing with own activity

  • Look for adult approval (Watch Me)

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