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Your 4-year-old Continues to Grow and Learn at Mes Amis Daycare & Preschool

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4-year-old Room Outcomes


Making sure to improve on everything your child learned from last year, Mes Amis Daycare & Preschool introduces 4-year-olds to new skills. Mes Amis ensures each child receives experiences focused on the Emergent Curriculum and hands-on activities.


We have your 4-year-old begin an attempt at writing words for colours, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet in both English and French. By the end of this preschool year, your child is able to:

Continue working on everything from the previous year
Begin to attempt to write the words for colours, shapes, numbers and alphabet in English and French
Write their names
Speak clearly in adult-like sentences most of the time
Recognize simple words in English and French
Tell long stories about your own past experiences
Correctly say the words: sew, house, zoo, buzz, chop, much, jam, fudge, shoe, push, look, ball
Use sentences to describe objects and events
Walk a straight line, only stepping off once or twice
Stop, start and change direction smoothly when running
Throw and catch a ball successfully most of the time
Climb playground equipment without difficulty
Hold a crayon or pencil correctly
Draw simple lines, shapes and a few letters
Hop on one foot
Dress and undress with little help
Use scissors to cut along a thick line drawn on a piece of paper
Usually, play well in groups
Talk about having a best friend
Share willingly with others
Work alone at an activity for 20-30 minutes
Play make-believe games with others
Separate easily from their parents
Respond verbally to “hi” and “how are you”

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