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Outcomes from Mes Amis’ 2-year-old Room

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2-year-old Room Outcomes


Mes Amis Daycare & Preschool accepts children as young as 2-year-old. Through our year-round program, we help children of this age group recognize their colours and shapes, verbalizing them in both English and French. At the end of their lessons in the 2-year-old room, your child is able to:

Recognize their colours and shapes and be able to verbalize them in both English and French
Count to 10 in French and English
Sing their alphabet in French and English
Understand 2 step directions
Speak clearly enough to be understood most of the time
Speak in 2 to 5-word sentences
Correctly say the words: my, home, pie, hop, bee, bib, no, man, one
Walk up the stairs using the handrail
Understand and use some describing words
Stand on one foot briefly
Throw a ball forward at least three feet
Twist lids off jars or turn knobs
Turn the pages of a book one at a time
Dress or undress with help
Play make-believe games with actions and words
Share some of the time
Show affection with words and actions
Cooperate with teachers' requests half of the time
Play alongside others comfortably
Listen to music or stories for five to ten minutes with you
Greet friends and familiar adults when reminded

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